IRC demonolatry channel

I set lately IRC channel called #demonolatry on DalNet IRC server.

I'm not present there 24/7 but often enough - I usually have my IRC client opened when I work on my comp (and that is pretty often). If I'm not there VenusSatanas is watching the channel as co-moderator.

So if you want to talk, ask questions, visit me at:  irc://dalnet/demonolatry

Since I'm Theistic Satanist first and Demonolator secondary, my channel focuses on topics related to Theistic Satanism and Demonolatry .

Note: IRC channels are quiet as long as someone isn't participating actively. Moderators and regular visitors know each other long enough so we don't talk all the time. We wait for initiative of new comers. So if you intend to lurk there, you will probably wait long. So if you have questions or specific topic on your mind, just say hi and post it. We are not all the time waiting if someone shows up, so most probably you will need to wait patiently a little bit till we respond. That's how things on IRC usually work.

If you use Fierefox, I recommend to install Chatzilla add-on. It's simple and users friendly, at least comparing to other IRC clients.


For all, who are not on my list and therefore don't see most entries: my grimoire is alive and well.

I don't post often but I haven't abandoned my journal. So far I made total 37 entries and lately I started to write more. Alas some of my posts (7) are to my eyes only.

Maybe with time I reevaluate and edit some to make them visible to chosen group, so you may want to check the journal out for old but new entries once in while (once per year will suffice). But those very personal ones are really not of others concern, like for example Tarot readings, so they will stay under a further lock-down.

The idea is to write a magical and spiritual journal utilizing my experience and knowledge. Some careful readers may notice some inconsistencies between older and newer entries. But since my understanding of the divine and the life is evolving, my journal grows with me too.
Theistic Satanism and Demonolatry is a great, deep path and I enjoy it immensely. I hope that in the future I will be able to use my works to set a new satanic site or maybe even write a book so consider all my posts as copyrighted. If you want to copy and publish some exceptions of my work elsewhere, please don't forget to link it to this place and leave me a note.

As life goes there may be some breaks in the future but since LJ has the best safety management (I can very precisely define who sees what), I consider it to be the best place in the Net for writing an on-line grimoire.

If you want to be on the reading list, I must get to know you first. The best way to do that is to be active in the same places where I am - like Demonolatry forum on or some other sites or services out there. I keep my profiles consistently as zalbarath666 so I'm not so hart to find. Other ways to let yourself be presented is to have a serious site or journal. You may also contact me via e-mail, communicator or through some sites. I will answer if time allows.
Decision about making my journal accessible to a particular person is not taken by me lightly and it is not my wish to let it be open to everyone but only to few persons with similar Interests.


I haven't recently written any new entries here but it doesn't mean I am absent or doing nothing. I'm just preoccupied with my life and updating of my site doesn't have the highest priority.
But what I wanted to share with You now is that I've recently ordered a few books from OFS:

The Complete Book of Demonolatry
The Complete Book of Demonolatry Magic
Goetic Demonolatry
Divining & Speaking With Daemons: A Practical Guide
Walking The Hidden Path: A Book of Demonic Magic (book)
The Satanic Clergy Manual

So I have a lot material to work through. I'm constantly developing myself but leave most of my thoughts privately instead of writing about them here. If I wanted to write it all I would have to write it from the beginning and I'm definitely not ready for that, at least not yet.
I dropped this short note to show I'm alive and well and that this Internet journal is and will stay my main magickal and spiritual journal so the content of it will grow, although at a low rate.

Reading of new entries

To all readers of my grimoire.

I post new entries first fully privately and make some of them visible later (of course for chosen persons) so it's very high possibility you won't see them on your friends page under dozens of more recent entries, I also update old entries so visiting of my journal site could be nice solution to notice what has changed.


I can't sleep right now. New ideas pass through my mind and care for excitement.
I actually dislike blogs and don't have much need and will to read them not mentioning about writing one. But I found perfect solution. Blogs are in fact on-line diaries. Since some time I thought about writing my own grimoire which in fact doesn't differs much from diary. Well, maybe only in that grimoire is concentrated on spiritual practice, magick and above all on demons... Many Demonolators prefer handwriting but since my manual abilities are so horrible I thought electronic form would prove better. In fact it's more editing friendly and in case of any different future uses it has many advantages. Should I turn this blog to my own grimoire?
Working with demons is too personal to make it available to wide publicity. It's also too personal to share it with all communities members which I belong to. But there are interesting personalizing tools for blogs here so I can make my entries available for chosen Demonolators or completely private. As I'm aware I can personalize friends groups in such way that I can chose exactly who has access to it. If not, than probably I must set new account. Will see how it works in practice. I have already some writing probes so I can experiment with it.

Later: Well, it seems to be working. My newest entry is available only for special user group - known Demonolators.

There is new thread called: Ronwe. If you don't see it that means you're not at this list presently.

LiveJournal's Welcome...

We talked recently about fluffy bunnies and preaching types on OFS. When I created LiveJournal account I received standard greeting mail. To my surprise at the end I found this:

Discover LiveJournal's true sense of community:

* Find people by Interest - Do you like fluffy bunnies? Well, so do 272 other people on LiveJournal.

WTF??? That is some kind of ridiculous coincidence. Fluffy bunnies are so disturbing, yeaks!


I joined recently and now I am exploring LiveJournal possibilities. Well, that was very confusing for the start and actually still is but I'm getting use to it slowly. Till know I wasn't fully aware how strong user friendly is yahoo layout. New platforms offer new solutions and possibilities. Yahoo hasn't changed much and if it won't take any serious steps in the future they will loose everything. Nonetheless yahoo is still popular but rusty and in meanwhile many new (and old one too) firms ruled over Internet market, providing new ideas and gaining more and more activity. I suppose those who have been active in Internet for a while have seen similar events already.
I wanted to check WordPress as well. Looked for its features and it was definitely interesting. The site was graphically spare which I took positively but when I proceed further it turned out I cannot find the most basic feature - how to post anything (not counting commentary) not mentioning tags! I won't give up so quickly but it took too many time and I got tired. My frustration arose and I dumped it for now. I'll try again later.
Did I wrote that blog entry? I hesitated even to read any blogs and now... Where this world is leading... But it's only experiment, hmmm...